Dave Whitlock

Fly Fisherman

Dave Whitlock is a world-renowned fly fisherman and contributor of many articles, photos, and illustrations to the world’s top outdoor sports magazines. His first published piece was in Field & Stream in 1968.

Dave resigned his position as a research chemist and pooled his talents in painting, illustrating, writing, photography, fly fishing, fly tying and lecturing to embark on a new career as a full-time professional in the art of fly fishing.

He has written and illustrated six books—several of which are considered “bibles” by fly fishermen—and co-authored or contributed to dozens of others.

Dave is the best-known and most talented international figure in Oklahoma who is often not recognized in his home state of Oklahoma.

He has been inducted into five halls of fame and was named by Fly Fisherman Magazine one of its “50 Most Influential Fly Fishers in the Last 5 Decades”.

Dave’s wife Emily is an accomplished fly fisher and edits all of Dave’s work. They live beside a trout stream in Welling, Oklahoma.

Interview with Dave Whitlock

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