Harry Stege

Tulsa Police Captain

As Chief of Police, from 1977 to 1983, five of the officers recognized at the Tulsa Police Officers’ Memorial, fell during Harry Stege’s term as chief. One of the more tragic incidents was the helicopter crash that killed two officers in one instance. During Chief Stege’s term, many new components were added to the Police Department and the Aviation Unit was one of those new components. Also, as a young officer working I.D. or the 1970’s version of “CSI”, Stege was among the first officers to respond to Thurman Spybuck when Spybuck was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Harry Stege was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a teenager he left Tulsa Central High School before he graduated, joining the Navy, and finishing his GED early. After a stint in Korea during the war, he returned to Tulsa to work a few odd jobs before joining the Tulsa Police Department in 1955 as a third-generation law officer. After several promotions, he was appointed police chief by former Mayor Bob LaFortune.

Among his many accomplishments, Chief Stege is credited with upgrading the department with computers in police units and computerizing the records management system.

After his retirement, Harry along with Tulsa homicide detective Mike Huff created an organization dedicated to solving cold cases.

Harry Stege was 86 when he died on January 30, 2021.

Interview with Harry Stege

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