Lee Allan Smith

Community Leader & Promoter

Every great event needs a great promoter. Born in Oklahoma City in 1939, it was as a college student and an Air Force officer that Lee Allan Smith learned to become a world-class planner of special events, which entertained people. That early training prepared him to be Oklahoma’s greatest promoter and the man behind the scenes of the most significant galas in state history.

The Stars and Stripes shows, Oklahoma’s Diamond Jubilee, The Olympic Festival, the reopening of the stage play Oklahoma, the reopening of the Civic Center Music Hall, the dedication of the State Capitol Dome and the celebration of the Oklahoma Centennial could not have been as majestic without Lee Allen’s leadership. Lee Allan only knows one size of celebration—huge.

No one loves Oklahoma and America more than Lee Allan Smith. He has been honored by the Oklahoma City Public School Foundation, the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters and the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. Smith’s friend and colleague Ray Ackerman once said, “Lee Allan Smith is the only person Oklahoma City can’t do without.”

Interview with Lee Allan Smith

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Date Created: August 6, 2009

Notes: Recorded by John Erling in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Digital Audio Sound Recording, Non-Music.

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