Russell Myers

Cartoonist, Broom-Hilda

Russell Myers is best known for his newspaper comic strip “Broom-Hilda”. He was born in Pittsburgh, Kansas but the family moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma when he was 7. He was sketching and drawing while attending Lanier Elementary, Wilson Middle School, and Rogers High School. Russell attended the University of Tulsa where his father was a faculty member.

After his first comic strip submission for syndication failed, he began working for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Missouri in 1960 as an illustrator of greeting cards. The idea for “Broom-Hilda” came from writer Elliot Caplin, brother of cartoonist Al Capp, who described the character to Myers. Myers then designed the characters and wrote the scripts. “Broom-Hilda” was first published on April 19, 1970 and was carried by the Tulsa Tribune, and now fifty years later the Tulsa World continues its publication in 2020.

Interview with Russell Myers

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