Melvin & Jasmine Moran

Founders of Children’s Museum

Born in St. Joseph, Missouri to European Jews, Melvin Moran grew up in Oklahoma. He attended schools in Tulsa before settling with his family in Seminole while working in the oil business. During World War II, Melvin was serving in London with a top-secret unit of the United States Army Air Corps when he met a beautiful West End showgirl named Jasmine. She became his wife and together they lived history first-hand through friendships with politicians and worldwide history-makers.

None of that, however, helped Melvin when the crisis of his life left him alone and near death in a Jerusalem hotel room. But his ultimate victory over life and death resulted in their incredible contribution to Oklahoma children, The Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum in Seminole. Children from all across the United States and from more than 60 countries have come to see this unusual museum that treats visitors to the wonders of science, nature and life changing career choices. The contributions of Jasmine and Melvin Moran to Oklahoma will have an impact for generations to come.

Interview with Melvin & Jasmine Moran

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Date Created: August 19, 2010

Date Published: October 01, 2010
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