Jeannie McDaniel

Former Oklahoma Congresswoman

A longtime Tulsan, Jeannie McDaniel has worked to better her city for more than twenty-five years. She worked at the Citizens Crime Commission from 1981 to 1991—serving as director from 1986 through 1991—coordinating programs like Alert Neighbors and Crime Stoppers with the Tulsa Police Department.

In 1991, McDaniel created the full-time position of Mayor’s Office for Neighborhood, registering hundreds of neighborhood associations, and built the annual Neighborhood Block Party program.

Elected to the House of Representatives in 2004, she was appointed to the Health Committee. In that role in 2005, she hosted an interim study on mental health, which resulted in funding Tulsa’s Mental Health Court. She carried legislation that resulted in public school students being permitted to carry medicine for allergies. As a member of the Education Committee, she continued to focus on high-quality standards for students, supported college tuition assistance (OHLAP) for our young people, and better compensation for our teachers. She has been recognized numerous times for her government work.

Jeannie is also a runner, the only runner in Oklahoma to hold more than one national record. She has held national age group and single age group records in both 12-hour and 24-hour categories. She is one of three runners to be in the long-distance running state record book at every standard distance.

She was inducted onto the Oklahoma Long Distance Runner Wall of Fame in 2015.

Interview with Jeannie McDaniel

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