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Sister Mary Therese Gottschalk was born in 1931, in a tiny village in Bavaria, Germany, the second of 14 children. Sister Therese entered the Order of the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother in 1952 and came to the United States the following year to finish her religious education at the Motherhouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In 1960, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Creighton University and in 1970, a Master’s degree in Hospital Administration from St. Louis University. Between her years at college, she served as Director of the pharmacy and purchasing departments at St. Mary’s Hospital in Roswell, New Mexico.

Sister Therese first came to St. John’s Hospital, now St. John Medical Center, as an Assistant Administrator in 1970 before going back to Roswell two years later to serve as Chief Executive Officer of St. Mary’s Hospital. She returned to St. John in 1974 as the hospital’s President and was named CEO of the St. John Health System in 1982. While President and CEO, Sister Therese oversaw building renovations and expansion, as well as advancements in technology, billing and information systems.

On January 1, 2011 Sister Therese stepped down as President & CEO. She continues to serve on its board of directors, as continues her role with St. John’s mission integration services and her responsibilities as President of Marian Health System. St. John Health System is a sponsored Marian Health System, one of the nation’s largest Catholic healthcare networks.

Under Sister Therese’s leadership, the St. John Health System has grown into a fully integrated healthcare system serving northeastern Oklahoma, southeastern Kansas and northwestern Arkansas.

Interview with Sister Therese Gottschalk

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