Charles Ford

State Senate Art Collection

Since the 1920’s Oklahoma’s history has been captured by Oklahoma artists and on display in the Oklahoma State Capitol. In recent decades the collection has expanded thanks to the efforts of State Senator Charles Ford. The State Senate Fine Arts Collection sponsors include citizens, companies and legislators. Today more than one hundred works of art are on display in our state capitol, becoming a resource for those interested in the history and character of Oklahoma.

“The Senate Collection-Art of the Oklahoma State Capitol” has brought together all works from the Senate Collection, published in conjunction with Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa.

For Voices of Oklahoma thirty portraits have been selected as Senator Charles Ford talks about their historical significance.

To see these fine works of art you are encouraged to visit the Oklahoma state capitol as you take pride in our state’s history.

Interview about Charles Ford

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Date Created: August 03, 2010

Date Published: November 14, 2014

Notes: Recorded by John Erling in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Digital Audio Sound Recording, Non-Music.

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