Norma Eagleton

Public Official and Lawyer

Norma Eagleton is known for many accomplishments including first female Tulsa city commissioner and Oklahoma corporation commissioner.

Norma was the first woman elected to a voting position on the Tulsa City Commission when in 1976 she was elected Finance and Revenue Commissioner. She was also the first woman to serve as an Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner having been appointed by Governor George Nigh in 1979, a position she held for ten years.

At age 50 Norma attended night school to receive her J.D. from Oklahoma City University College of Law graduating in 1988.

When serving as a volunteer lawyer her main interest was the protection of children and helping young parents. With her understanding of family dynamics she chose mediation as her avenue of pro bono work. She believes mediation is an opportunity for Legal Aid clients to state their case and talk in a safe non-threatening setting to better focus on the children.

Her early years were spent in Claremore, Oklahoma graduating from Claremore High School and later induction into the Claremore High School Hall of Fame. She graduated from Stephens College in Missouri and the University of Oklahoma.

Norma has been a member of the Advisory Board for Family & Children’s Services and has served on both the Board of Regents for Rogers State College (now University) and the Tulsa County Bar Association board. She was also inducted in the Oklahoma Women’s Hall of Fame.

Norma Eagleton

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