Harry A. Clarke Jr.

Clarke’s Good Clothes

Clarke’s Good Clothes, founded in 1929 in Tulsa by Harry Clarke Sr., developed into a clothing store for men, women and children. From its downtown location, the store expanded to Utica Square Shopping Center in 1962 and then to the 50,000 square-foot store in Southland Shopping Center at 41st and Yale. In 1976 the expansion continued to Tulsa’s Woodland Hills Mall at 71st and Memorial, and then on to Joplin, Missouri and Oklahoma City.

Harry Clarke Sr. was very well-known in the Tulsa community, and following in his father’s footsteps, Harry Clarke Jr. also participated in local business and civic organizations. Further, his sister, Madge (Clarke) Wright, who served as vice president of advertising and public relations for the clothing store, became active in Tulsa, coordinating Miss Oklahoma’s wardrobe to teaching watercolor painting at the Philbrook Museum of Art. Clarke’s Good Clothes was known for special promotions such as Straw Hat Days and Coffee Call. Harry Clarke Jr. is the storyteller of this Oklahoma retail success. Listen to his account on the Oklahoma oral history website, VoicesofOklahoma.com.

Interview with Harry A. Clarke Jr.

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