Stan Clark

Eskimo Joe’s Owner

The fortieth anniversary of Eskimo Joe’s in 2015 recalls the story of two graduates of Oklahoma State University, Stan Clark and Steve File, and their dream of opening a bar in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The bar opened July 21, 1975 and took on the name Eskimo Joe’s which came from their desire to have the coldest beer in town. Originally, Eskimo Joe’s was only a bar, but when the drinking age was raised from eighteen to twenty-one in 1984, the business became a restaurant as well.

In 1990, during his commencement speech, President George H. W. Bush endorsed Eskimo Joe’s cheese fries. In 2006, during his commencement speech, President George W. Bush followed his father’s footsteps and mentioned both the restaurant and the cheese fries.

Stan Clark, a native Tulsan, has built one of Oklahoma’s most recognized brands. The Stan Clark Companies known as the “Three Amigos” includes the flagship Eskimo Joe’s as well as Mexico Joe’s, Joseppi’s and Eskimo Jose’s Promotional Products Group. From the most humble beginnings Clark built a restaurant and retail brand that has gained national and international notoriety. Eskimo Joe’s branded clothing has been seen in most countries around the world.

Interview with Stan Clark

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