Doug Campbell

Interior Designer

Doug Campbell was born in Galveston, Texas, but moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the age of five with his family in 1952. The Campbells remained in the area and Doug graduated from Edison High School, after which he attended Oklahoma State University and earned a degree in interior design. After college graduation, he immediately found employment in his chosen field in Tulsa. In 1977, he began Campbell Design Associates of which Carolyn Fielder Nierenberg has been part of since the beginning. Doug’s career has taken him to projects all over North America, but no matter where he works his design philosophy remains the same—“less is more.” His work has been published in many magazines and not only was he involved in the beginning of the American Society of Interior Designers, but he served as state president and on the national board. Doug also served for many years on the boards for both Gilcrease and Philbrook Museums, as well as the board for 108 Contemporary Gallery. He is the proud father of two sons and four granddaughters with a grandson due in January 2017.

Interview with Doug Campbell

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