Wavel Ashbaugh


Wavel Ashbaugh was 105 when she was inducted into the Centenarian Club of Oklahoma.

Wavel’s mother was a Perryman, a creek family that came to Indian Territory in the 1820s and took part in the founding of “Tulsey Town.”

She was eleven years old and living on Oil Road now 11th Street when the Tulsa race riot erupted May 31, 1921. She remembers her mother protecting black families on the family land near what is now 11th and Delaware.

She was part of the first graduating class from Tulsa’s Monte Cassino Catholic school, a class with a grand total of two students.

In the 1940s, she moved to California with her husband a well-known jazz composer and pianist who went by the name of Marvin Ash. He played for Walt Disney Studios including the original “Musketeers” show.

While in her 60s she began ballroom dancing and earned a trophy case full of championships.

Her advice for living to 105 is to “put one foot in the front of the other…keep going.”

Interview with Wavel Ashbaugh

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