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Sixth Anniversary of Voices of Oklahoma

April marks the SIXTH anniversary for Voices of Oklahoma. We launched the website April 10, 2010, with the oral history of Wilma Mankiller, the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation. She died April 6, 2010, and so we honor her life and observe our anniversary this month. You can listen to Wilma tell her story here.

We thank our donors who were with us from the beginning and the University of Tulsa for providing many resources to sustain our mission: preserving Oklahoma’s legacy, one voice at a time. And we thank our many visitors who listened and referred VOK to their friends. Be looking for many more interesting Oklahoma life stories in the coming year.

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Chester Cadieux–Voices of Oklahoma

Chester Cadieux, co-founder of QuikTrip, died March 14, 2016, at the age of eighty-four. In his interview with Voices of Oklahoma. Chester talked about a $5,000 loan he received from his father to help launch QuikTrip’s  first store.

Listen here to his great sense of humor as he described those early days.

Recently, QuikTrip was named to Fortune‘s Best Places to work for the fourteenth year in a row.

Bob Dylan-Voices of Oklahoma

The Bob Dylan archives have been acquired by the George Kaiser Family Foundation and the University of Tulsa. One of the reasons Bob Dylan agreed to this acquisition was because of his admiration for Woody Guthrie.

Listen here to Nora Guthrie, the daughter of Woody Guthrie, talk about Bob Dylan in Chapter 17 of her Voices of Oklahoma oral history.

OSU Plane Crash

Fifteen years ago on January 27, 2001, Oklahoma State University lost 10 men from the basketball program in a plane crash outside of Strasburg, Colorado. Coach Eddie Sutton talks about that night here in Chapter 20 of Voices of Oklahoma. 

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I Love Lucy Christmas Special

CBS Television presents an “I Love Lucy Christmas Special” with two very memorable episodes starring Lucille Ball. It will be seen Wednesday, December 23, at 7 PM. Oklahoman Wanda Clark worked for Lucille Ball as a special assistant for twenty-five years. Wanda’s interview gives us behind the scenes stories about Lucille and the special relationship the two woman enjoyed. Listen to Wanda’s story here on Voices of Oklahoma.

Miss Jacksons-Voices of Oklahoma

With the closing of Miss Jacksons, Voices of Oklahoma visits the story behind the store. It was a banker who saved the name of Miss Jacksons and ultimately the store. Our storyteller is Bill Vandever of Vandevers Department store. Bill is no longer with us but his voice and story are preserved forever.

Listen to Chapter 5—Miss Jacksons here for the name of the banker who saved Miss Jacksons.

Preserving Oklahoma’s legacy one voice at a time.

John Williams – Voices of Oklahoma

With the pending sale of Williams Companies for $37.7 billion, it is interesting to listen to chapter 7 of our John Williams interview. John was a co-founder of the company and led the major transaction of Great Lakes Pipe line in 1965. Also, listen to Chapter 9 as John talks about the building of the Williams Tower in downtown Tulsa. The market value of the company increased from $25,000 in 1949 to the value of the present sale.

Listen here to Chapter 7 and Chapter 9.

Pope Francis—Voices of Oklahoma

As Pope Francis visits the United States, you should listen to the former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Francis Rooney.

Beginning with Chapter 11, Rooney, an Oklahoman, takes you inside the Vatican and assists you in understanding its power structure.

Whitey Bulger-Voices of Oklahoma

With the opening of the film Black Mass, the true story of Whitey Bulger, the most infamous violent criminal in the history of South Boston, Voices of Oklahoma presents the story of the murder of Roger Wheeler in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa Police Detective, Mike Huff, shares his firsthand account of the investigation of the murder which eventually led to Whitey Bulger. Listen and share with your friends:

60 Minutes: The Infamous Whitey Bulger

On Sunday, July 26, the television program 60 Minutes featured the capture of Whitey Bulger, the mastermind behind the murder of Tulsan Roger Wheeler. On May 27, 1981, Wheeler was boldly gunned down in broad daylight at Southern Hills Country Club in south Tulsa. He was former chairman of Telex Corp. and former owner of World Jai Alai. 

Voices of Oklahoma presents an interview with Detective Mike Huff, Tulsa Police Department’s lead investigator on the case. He worked for years to prove Bulger and his gang killed Wheeler.

Listen to Chapter 7 here.