Voices of Oklahoma has a growing catalogue of interviews. While many of them have been uploaded to this website, there are quite a few that wait in the wings while we raise the necessary funding to make them available to the public. We hope to bring you these interviews in the near future:

Bruce Baily, World War II Veteran
James O. Goodwin, Oklahoma Eagle
Joe Harwood, Arrowhead Yacht Club
John Hughes, Rancher
James R. Jones, Former Congressman
Harry Kaiser, World War II Veteran
Lee Keeling, Petroleum Engineer
John Massey, Oklahoma Regent for Higher Education
Joe McGraw, McGraw Realtors
John Mullen, Ugly John’s Boats
Julius Pegues, Tulsan-First African-American Ball Player at University of Pittsburgh
Bob Powell, World War II Veteran
Dr. Bob Shepard, Tulsa Surgeon; St. John Medical Center History
Al Snipes, Oklahoma Republican Party
Harry Stege, Former Tulsa Police Chief 1977-83
Morris Warren, World War II B-29 Pilot