Remembering John Hausam

“Then he stepped off the path…”

In his oral history, John Hausam talked about his military service in the Korean conflict and how he unwittingly avoided death by stepping off a path. John lived many years beyond that moment to become a successful real estate executive, establishing John Hausam Realtors. The company became one of the largest real estate companies in Tulsa while giving back to the community through various charitable organizations.

You will want to hear John’s story as he talks about the years leading up to his real estate days, his description of the real estate market in the 60’s, and his military experience and how he stepped off the path.

When we took the hill, there were two fingers going out on it, one to the right and one to the left. And I sent one of the squads out to the right to make sure that there was nothing out there. There were no trees, like I say, artillery had just blown this place apart. We went down the left and the platoon lieutenant and I took off and started down the left…”

Click here to listen to John’s interview and click on Chapter 6 “He Stepped Off the Path” for the full story. Also available on our podcast here.

This interview was recorded on June 17, 2020. John was 89 when he died September 15, 2020.

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