Maxine Zarrow


Maxine Foreman Zarrow was born June 16, 1925 Wichita Falls, Texas. She attended the University of Texas where she met her eventual husband Jack Zarrow and moved to Tulsa when the couple married in 1947.

The mother of three children, Maxine, like her husband Jack, was an active volunteer with a number of Tulsa area organizations. Among her many associations, she has served on the boards of the Margaret Hudson School, The Center for the Physically Limited, the Mental Health Association of Tulsa, Gilcrease Museum and the advisory board to her alma mater, the University of Texas School of Education. She and her family are appropriately acknowledged for their active and generous commitment to the Jewish community, mental health, homelessness and social services.

Jack Zarrow, joined his father and brother Henry in the family business, Sooner Pipe and Supply. The iconic Tulsa firm enabled a great deal of the family’s philanthropy and employed, among other friends and family, the Zarrow’s son Scott, who passed away at age 54 in December 2012. Like his parents, Scott was active in the Tulsa and Tulsa Jewish community. His passing is a loss to the family and to Tulsa.

Maxine and Jack created their own family foundation and played a leading role in the formation of the Tulsa Jewish Retirement and Health Care Center, located today near 71st and Lewis. The family’s commitment to fighting for the homeless is also celebrated today thanks to their gift, along with the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation, of the land that is now occupied by the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.

Jack Zarrow died at age 86 in February 2012. Maxine’s story, while clearly dotted with tragedy and loss, is one of family, philanthropy, community and commitment.

Interview with Maxine Zarrow

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