Henry Zarrow

Businessman & Philanthropist

Henry Zarrow, Mr. Henry, as he is affectionately known to most, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin February 12, 1916. He was the first son of Sam and Rose Zarrow, immigrant parents from Latvia (Russia). When Henry was two months old, Sam and Rose established themselves in the grocery business in Tulsa in 1916.

By the time Henry was 13, he opened his own grocery store in west Tulsa. He soon began learning the used pipe business and established Sooner Pipe and Iron (later known as Sooner Pipe and Supply) when he was 22 years old. But while Mr. Henry grew to become a successful businessman, he became known as a person with a generous heart. His biggest influence for giving came from his wife Anne. The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation is broad-based throughout Oklahoma with specific areas of interest in children’s issues, the homeless and the poor. In addition, Mr. Zarrow is very proud of his service of more than 40 years on the board of Saint Francis Hospital. It is said about Mr. Henry, that you will never meet a more giving or humble man. The state of Oklahoma has truly felt the impact of Henry Zarrow.

Interview with Henry Zarrow

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