Charles Banks Wilson

American Artist

Few other artists have become so identified with their state as Oklahoma’s Charles Banks Wilson. His artistic talent as a child was discovered while living in Miami, Oklahoma. He was a painter, lithographer, teacher, lecturer, historian and magazine and book illustrator. His work has been shown in more than 200 exhibitions in the Unites States and around the world. His paintings and prints of Oklahoma life are shown in museums and galleries including New York’s Metropolitan Museum, Washington’s Library of Congress, the Oklahoma State Capitol, the Smithsonian as well as the Gilcrease and Philbrook Museums in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Wilson did the life portrait of Thomas Gilcrease and the mural-sized portraits of Will Rogers, the Indian Sequoyah, U.S. Senator Robert S. Kerr and athlete Jim Thorpe, and can be viewed in the Oklahoma Capital Rotunda. A major undertaking has been the murals totaling 110 feet in length for the Oklahoma Capitol Rotunda presenting the state’s discovery, frontier trade, Indian immigration, settlement and overall history. Perhaps Charles Banks Wilson is best known for his pictures of contemporary Indian life. The “Ten Little Indians” portfolio created by Wilson has been reproduced in every country in the world.

This interview was conducted in Charles Banks Wilson’s home on August 10, 2010. He passed away on May 2, 2013.

Interview with Charles Banks Wilson

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Date Created: August 10, 2010

Date Published: April 9, 2011

Photo Credit: Murals painted by Charles Banks Wilson shown with chapters 11-14, permission for use granted by the Oklahoma Arts Council.

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