Lee Roy West

Federal Judge

Lee Roy West has made several thousand friends in over 40 years of public service as a law teacher, state court judge, member of the Civil Aeronautics Board, federal judge and breeder and trainer of national champion bird dogs. Born in Clayton, Oklahoma, Judge West graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree and a law degree. He was a Marine Corp Lieutenant and earned his Master of Laws Degree from Harvard. Even though the West family was poor economically, they were wealthy in many important areas, including humor, wisdom, and friendships. West’s major contribution to Oklahoma and the nation may be his teaching that life is supposed to be fun. It’s not just okay to have fun–it’s required. Many say West’s most endearing trait is to teach those with whom he deals, how to be a good friend.

Since taking senior status in 1994 from the federal bench he has remained active hearing cases at both District and Circuit levels and serving as a settlement judge in complex and protracted cases.

Judge West is a wonderful storyteller as you will hear in this oral history account of his life, made possible by our founding sponsors and listeners who believe in preserving our state’s legacy…one voice at a time on VoicesofOklahoma.com.

Interview with Lee Roy West

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