William Warren, Jr.

Petroleum to Health Care

In 1916, William K. Warren, Sr. arrived in Oklahoma on the recommendation of a friend in a Nashville, Tennessee hospital. Who knew then a seed had been planted for what has become Saint Francis Health System?

Warren was 19 when he went to work for Gypsy Oil Company as a voucher clerk. Soon he started his own business with $300 – Warren Petroleum was born. The employees consisted of Warren and his new bride, Natalie Overall Warren.

The dream of giving back to the community became reality Oct. 1, 1960, when Saint Francis opened its doors with 275 beds.

William K. Warren, Jr. has shared the dream of his parents, first as long-time chairman of the William K. Warren Foundation and now as chairman emeritus and vice president. He also serves as a trustee of Saint Francis Health System.

In this interview, William K. Warren, Jr. talks about his parents, his life growing up in Tulsa, and his careers in oil and gas exploration, construction, cell phones, health care, and horse racing.

Interview with William Warren Jr.

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Date Created: December 11, 2009

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