Paul Thornbrugh

Politician and Businessman

Paul Thornbrugh was a patriot, public servant, politician, and businessman.

Paul served during World War II as a sailor in the U.S. Coast Guard. As a public servant he served on various boards and commissions in Kansas before moving to Oklahoma where he was a board member for the Catoosa Port Authority, and U.S. Commissioner for the Kansas-Arkansas River Commission. As a politician, he was county chairman for the Tulsa County Republican Party, presidential elector for the State of Oklahoma, and delegate to the National Republican Convention. He was known as “Mr. Republican.” Paul’s business life took him to Phillips 66 and Mid-America Pipeline Company, known as MAPCO. He was also the founder of the first National Political Action Committee dedicated to business and energy policy.

Former Tulsa Mayor Bob LaFortune said of Paul: “Anyone who had worked with him had complete confidence in his work or advice. His wife Freda and his family were at the very center of his priorities. His life’s work and character are truly an inspiration for each of us.”

Paul was 97 when he died May 17, 2018.

Interview with Paul Thornbrugh

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