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It was high noon, Tuesday September 22, 1891, when George Stiles Sr. was riding “Topsy,” a black mare with white on her forehead. The United States Marshals fired their guns and George Stiles Sr. was off to stake claim number 4 on 160 acres. Since the first Land Run on April 22, 1889, there had been a steady push for surrounding Indian reservations to be opened in similar fashion. President Benjamin Harrison issued a proclamation declaring the Sac and Fox Indian Reservation and other reservations open for white settlement. Approximately 20,000 anxious souls were anticipating this three-day Land Run event in 1891, which meant the end of waiting for many months to secure a possible claim in the “Promised Land.”

The 160-acre plot George Stiles Sr. claimed became known as Cabin Creek Farm. In addition to growing crops of wheat and rye grass, it was operated as Cabin Creek Dairy serving Cushing and the surrounding area. Cabin Creek Farm was designated an Oklahoma Centennial Farm in 1992. Dr. George Stiles Jr., the 14-year-old boy who assisted his father and wrote about the experience, graduated from Oklahoma A&M which led to five generations of Stiles family members attending Oklahoma State University. Darrell Stiles and his sister, Nancy Stiles Chipukites, are great-grandchildren of the original homesteaders and are our storytellers. The Stiles family has been named Farm Family of The Year, while Darrel Stiles has been named Oklahoma Conservationist. He has also served the Payne County Expo as Chairman and Fair board President for Payne County.

Interview with Darrell Stiles

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