Porter Reed

Baseball Player, Negro League

Muskogee, Oklahoma was a major stop on the Negro League baseball barnstorming circuit. As a child, Porter Reed saw the Kansas City Monarchs, Chicago American Giants, Memphis Red Sox, and other Negro League teams play in Muskogee during the 1930s. When he became a teenager, Reed played on the local team battling the Negro Leaguers when they came to town. And when the Kansas City Monarchs came to town he would play with the Monarchs and against them.

Throughout his career, Porter played with the Birmingham Black Barons, Muskogee Cardinals, Detroit Wolves, Houston Eagles, Minneapolis White Elephants, and the Los Angeles Stars.

And he played with such famous names as Jackie Robinson and batted against Satchel Paige.

After service in the military from 1942–1946, he began playing with minor level Negro League teams. The two seasons with the Houston Eagles of the Negro American League were the peak of Reed’s Negro League career. After playing in the Canadian leagues from 1951–1953, he retired from baseball and opened a night club in Muskogee.

Porter Reed is now ninety-five years old and still lives in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

This oral history interview was recorded June 29, 2016.

Interview with Porter Reed

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