Jeanne Eason Phillips

Witness to the Civil Rights Era

Jeanne Eason Phillips was born August 26, 1924, in Etna, Oklahoma, but spent her early childhood years in Slick, Oklahoma, growing up with her seven brothers. While Jeanne was still quite young, her parents moved the family near Sapulpa where they enjoyed the conveniences of electricity and modern plumbing. Eventually they settled in a segregated Tulsa where Jeanne attended Carver Elementary and graduated from Booker T. Washington High School.

She recalls her family shopping in downtown Tulsa where they could buy clothes, but were unable to try on garments before the purchase. Blacks were not allowed to dine at lunch counters nor could they have ice cream at soda fountains.

Jeanne went on to attend Langston University where she met and married Garland Eason. The couple supported their four young children and still managed to get their college degrees. Their daughter, Judy Eason McIntyre, served ten years in Oklahoma’s legislature.

Even though they endured the pain of racism, Jeanne and Judy tell a very upbeat story of making Oklahoma a better place to live.

Interview with Jeanne Eason Phillips

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