Sid Patterson

Up With Trees

In the 1950s, Sid Patterson worked for Patterson Steel, the family business, as a civil engineer. The company is responsible for constructing many of Tulsa’s long stand buildings.

Sid was elected street commissioner in 1953–1954 and served as street commissioner again for two terms, from 1972–76. He was one of the first local leaders to begin pushing for flood control, bringing about a new concept at the time: stormwater detention.  He was also among street commissioners to preside over impressive expansions in the city expressway system.

But Sid is best known for Up With Trees, which is responsible for planting thousands of trees since the mid-70s. Mayor Bob Lafortune told him to form the group using volunteers and private donation.

He served as the group’s first president and as a member of the board of trustees.

He was given a life time achievement award by Keep Oklahoma Beautiful and inducted into the Tulsa Historical Society.

Sid Patterson died April 27, 2012. He was 91.

Interview with Sid Patterson

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