E. C. Mullendore III

Mullendore Murder

He was 32 years old and deep in debt. E. C. Mullendore III was murdered on September 26th, 1970, at his home on by far the largest ranch in Osage County, Cross Bell Ranch.

The Cross Bell brand came from an old Mexican Mission and was burned into the hides of cattle driven up from Mexico. The cattle belonged to the family of the mother of Gene Mullendore who was the father of E.C. Mullendore III.

There was a 15 million dollar life insurance policy taken out on E.C. Mullendore III, which would become the largest life insurance claim in the history of American underwriting. Chub Anderson – personal assistant to E. C. Mullendore III – was in the house at the time of the murder and became the prime suspect. Osage County Sheriff George Wayman led the investigation of what turned out to be a “botched” crime scene leaving no evidence, which would lead to a conviction. Chub Anderson’s version of the story is not believed by Sheriff Wayman who tells us how he believes the crime was committed. Chub Anderson was never charged with the murder, which makes it one of Oklahoma’s most famous unsolved crimes. Listen to 91 year old Sheriff George Wayman tell, with intriguing details, the story of the Mullendore murder heard on Voicesofoklahoma.com

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Interview about the Mullendore Murder

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Mullendore Murder Case
Author: Jonathon Kwitney
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