Joe Moore

Moore Funeral Homes

Joe Moore was born in Claremore, Oklahoma on July 31, 1919, the youngest of nine children. His father was J. Herbert Moore and his mother was Cora (Musgrove) Moore who was a second cousin of Will Rogers. Joe’s father and his brother J. Foreman Moore established Moore Undertakers in Claremore. In 1932 they moved the family to Tulsa to open their first chapel located at 1403 S. Peoria. Joe was 12 years old when he began to assist in the family business. In this interview Joe talks about the history of the funeral business during the 1921 race riot, the Depression, the dust bowl days and the days of funeral home ambulances. Joe and his great niece Elaine Moore Jones also talk about the changing burial and memorial service traditions and the growth of Moore Funeral Homes to become the largest family-owned group of funeral homes in Oklahoma. In 1999 Joe was named Oklahoma Funeral Director of the Year. He died December 12, 2011.

Interview with Joe Moore

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