Herman Meinders

American Floral Services

Originally from Pipestone, Minnesota, Herman Meinders came to Oklahoma to attend Oklahoma City University. In 1970, he Founded American Floral Services, Inc. an international flowers-by-wire service based in Oklahoma City. AFS began in a garage apartment and initially consisted of 137 subscriber florists. AFS grew to become international in scope. It became ranked as one of the largest floral wire services in the world. In November 2000 AFS merged with Teleflora, a competitor, to better serve the floral community.

Herman and his wife LaDonna strongly support higher education and have shared their success through endowments to numerous colleges and universities, including the funding of Oklahoma City University’s Meinders School of Business. They were major supporters of the Oklahoma Capitol Dome Project. Herman has been highly honored in many ways including the Distinguished Service Award from the Wholesale Florists and Florist Suppliers of America. He was also inducted into the Oklahoma Heritage Association Hall of Fame. His is another story of hard work and perseverance leading to a very successful career.

Interview with Herman Meinders

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