Stephen Jones

Attorney for McVeigh

Stephen Jones is an attorney from Enid, Oklahoma whose practice is limited to trials and appeals. Jones attended the University of Texas and graduated from the University of Oklahoma Law School in 1966 and was later admitted to the Oklahoma Bar that same year.

In 1964, he served as research assistant for Richard M. Nixon and in 1967 was legal counsel to the Governor of Oklahoma.

Of his many accomplishments, he was appointed by the United States District Court on May 8, 1995, to serve as the principal defense counsel for Timothy McVeigh, charged in the Oklahoma City bombing case.

In his book Others Unknown: The Oklahoma City Bombing Case and Conspiracy Mr. Jones lays out his case discrediting Timothy McVeigh’s confession.

The interview you are about to hear was recorded in Stephen Jones’ downtown Oklahoma City office on January 27, 2010.

Interview with Stephen Jones

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