David Green

Founder, Hobby Lobby

In 1972, David Green founded a small retail store to sell the picture frames he was manufacturing. With just a $600.00 loan and his retail experience, the store began to grow over the next three years. A minister’s son, during his childhood his family lived on a meager income, often relying on gifts supplied by members of the church. The Green family contributed to their income by working various jobs, including picking cotton.

From an early age David Green was fascinated with retail sales and gained valuable experience at various stores including TG&Y. Through hard work, he grew his business from a single 300-square-foot store to Hobby Lobby Creative Centers—a privately held chain of arts and crafts stores with a 3.4-million-square-foot manufacturing, distribution and office complex headquartered in Oklahoma City. David Green built his business squarely on Biblical principles and attributes his success to his faith in God. He lives in Southwest Oklahoma City with his wife Barbara. His son Mart Green is the founder and CEO of Mardel Christian and Educational Supply.

Interview with David Green

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