Ray Feldman

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The son of Latvian immigrants, Ray Feldman was born January 10, 1922, and grew up in Tulsa. After graduating high school and attending the University of Tulsa and University of Oklahoma, he briefly served in the military during World War II. Feldman then completed law school at the University of Chicago, where he met Nancy Goodman. After they married in 1946, the Feldmans moved to Tulsa, where they became well-known social figures and civil-rights activists. As he began the law firm originally known as Feldman Franden Woodard Farris & Boudreaux, Ray Feldman supported his Nancy in her civic crusades.

Using his legal expertise and desire to resolve conflicts, Feldman worked on the board of the Oklahoma Civil Liberties Union, helping organize the organizations first Tulsa Legal Panel. He also served as chairman on the Tulsa Human Rights Commission and was vice chairman of Oklahoma’s Human Rights Commission. Additionally, Ray was involved with the Tulsa chapter of the American Red Cross, and other worthy organizations. Although Ray and Nancy were avid civil rights and social activists, their true passion was anthropology. The two travelled the world for several months every year to experience different cultures and nature, with their destinations including the Himalayas, New Guinea, Vietnam, and many locations in North Africa and Europe.

In 1997, the Feldmans were together inducted into the Tulsa Hall of Fame for their contributions to the city. Nancy was ninety-two when she died February 17, 2014. Ray died January 30, 2016. He was ninety-four.

Interview with Ray Feldman

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