Betty Boyd

Queen of Tulsa TV

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Betty Boyd became known as the “Queen of Tulsa TV” after a career in broadcasting that lasted over twenty-five years. This self-described “wall flower” blossomed as a mother, a volunteer spokesperson for the March of Dimes, a respected broadcaster, a member of the board of education and an Oklahoma state legislator.

When both her husband, Bill Boyd Jr., and her daughter, Beverly, contracted polio in the late 1940s, Betty became a volunteer spokesperson for the March of Dimes. Based on her charm and speaking abilities she was asked by KOTV in Tulsa to audition for the station and was hired in 1955. She became the host of Women’s Page and Boyd’s Eye View, focusing on social issues of the times. Ten years later she joined KTUL to launch another popular television program, The Betty Boyd Show.

Betty left KTUL in 1980 to become director of information for Tulsa Tech and later became a member of their board, serving as chairman at the time of her death. She was asked to seek office in the Oklahoma State Legislature, and served the public for ten years. Among her many legislative achievements was co-writing the bill that created Oklahoma State University-Tulsa. A breast cancer survivor, she also focused on health issues.

Betty Boyd was recognized for her service and dedication with numerous honors, including lifetime achievement awards from both Women in Communications and American Women in Radio and Television. She was inducted into the Oklahoma Women’s Hall of Fame in 1996. Betty Boyd was 86 years old when she died on January 6, 2011.

Interview with Betty Boyd

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