Rev. Dr. Mouzzon Biggs

Boston Avenue United Methodist Church

The Reverend Dr. Mouzon Biggs, Jr. came to Boston Avenue United Methodist Church in 1980 from Beaumont, Texas, where for seven years he was pastor of the Trinity United Methodist Church. He served Boston Ave. Methodist Church for thirty-three years, retiring in 2013 after fifty-four years in ministry.

A native of the Carthage, Texas oilfields, Rev. Biggs earned his Bachelor of Arts degree at Centenary College of Louisiana and a Master of Divinity at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He also holds a Doctor of Divinity degree from Texas Wesleyan University and a Doctor of Humane Letters from Oklahoma City University.

Rev. Biggs led the development of an endowment fund to maintain Boston Avenue’s building. The structure was completed in 1929 and is a designated National Historic Landmark. Today, the endowment totals $26 million and has allowed the church to maintain its grounds and building—without requiring special finance campaigns. In 2004 the church completed a 38,000 square-foot addition to relieve overcrowded classrooms and provide new recreational and meeting facilities.

Influenced by two Jewish college professors who escaped Hitler’s Germany, he was led to create positive dialogue and cooperation among Jewish and Christian communities. He served twice as board president for the Oklahoma Center for Community Justice and in addition, was a board member of Downtown Tulsa Unlimited.

Rev. Biggs is a well-known speaker, having addressed churches, colleges, conventions, chambers of commerce, and similar groups across a 28-state area. He is the author of Moments to Hold Close, and co-authored the best-selling book, When You Graduate, with Dr. Charles L. Allen of Houston, Texas.

Interview with Mouzon Biggs

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