Ray Ackerman


Since he arrived in Oklahoma City from Pennsylvania in 1947, Ray Ackerman has given of his time and talent to one project after another and one organization after another.

His community involvement includes leading the United Way to chairing the National Finals Rodeo to overseeing a citywide pride campaign including the Bricktown canal and the development of the North Canadian River for which he was dubbed “Old Man River”.

He served as a carrier fighter pilot in the United States Navy and spent a total of 35 years in active and reserve duty in the United States Naval Reserve, rising to the rank of Rear Admiral.

Ray Ackerman has been recognized many times over the years for his contribution to the community, his industry and business in general.

He is Chairman Emeritus of Ackerman McQueen, and Oklahoma City-based national advertising agency. This interview was recorded at his home on September 30, 2009.

Interview with Ray Ackerman

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