Diamond Baseball Dinner, 1973

Tulsa Oilers Big League Dinner

The Tulsa Oiler Diamond Baseball Dinner was one of the best big league dinners in the country, organized by A. Ray Smith, owner of the Tulsa Oilers, a farm club of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Baseball’s greatest would attend, and speaking at the dinner in 1973 at the Camelot Inn, was Oklahoman Allie Reynolds and Casey Stengel, followed by Joe DiMaggio, who was made an honorary Indian chief.

The first voice you hear is that of the MC Pat Butrum, known for playing the sidekick of Gene Autry and for playing the character Mr. Haney in the TV series Green Acres.

At the time of the dinner, January 19, 1973, DiMaggio was 59, Reynolds 56 and Stengel 82.

The event was broadcast on radio station KVOO, preserved by baseball historian Wayne McCombs and is now heard on Voices of Oklahoma “Memorable Events”

Diamond Baseball Dinner 1973

Program Credits:
Pat Butrum —Emcee
Casey Stengel — Speaker
Joe DiMaggio — Speaker
Allie Reynolds — Speaker
Mel Myers — Announcer

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Date Created: January 19, 1973

Date Published: April 17, 2015

Notes: Recorded by John Erling in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Digital Audio Sound Recording, Non-Music.

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