Auschwitz Liberation

January 27th marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the largest death camp of Nazi Germany during WWII.


In the summer of 1939 there was a little girl in Lodz, Poland who was looking forward to the first grade. It was while on the family vacation that Eva Unterman heard her family members quietly talking about Germany and the war. And soon little Eva was looking at black shiny boots as Germany had invaded Poland. Eva’s family was forced into the Lodz Ghetto and deported to Auschwitz, Stutthof, and a labor camp in Dresden, then marched in the Death March.

The German Third Reich took the lives of three million Polish Jews in WWII. Only a small number survived or managed to escape.

Today you can listen to survivor Eva Unterman, now an Oklahoman, tell her story on Voices of She tells her story to be sure the Holocaust will never happen again! Listen now.

And you can listen to Oklahoman Sherman Ray, who survived Auschwitz by sewing uniforms for German soldiers. For four years Sherman made clothing for his captors while he watched many other Jews die of starvation and disease, and heard the screams of those in death chambers. Sherman wears the number B2526 on his wrist as he shares his story, having been tattooed by the Nazis. Listen now.

You can also hear Holocaust survivor Al Langer tell his story. Al’s foster parents risked their lives by hiding him from the Nazis. He changed his name to Stepfan Lorek but his life changed when there was a knock on the door. A Nazi officer came looking for Stepfan. Al tells his story for Voices of Oklahoma, which includes his journey of survival and how he came to work for OTASCO in Tulsa for over twenty years. Listen now..

We share these stories to remember these survivors, and to honor all who met their death or survived the horrors of WWII. Never again!

John Erling
Voices of Oklahoma