Every aspect of is designed with students in mind. It is history told by those who lived it—in their own words, without prejudice. Thanks to the Internet, learning has grown far beyond the books in libraries and classrooms. Since determining truth from fiction on websites becomes more difficult each day, the availability of accessing accurate historical references that feature primary source documents, recordings and images is increasingly important.

Before time silences any more of Oklahoma’s greatest voices, we hope to preserve them for the future. As any historian will attest, primary source materials are by far the most accurate and dependable resources for scholars. Our hope is that students will find inspiration as they listen to each person reveal the moments that captured a generation’s interest. While written words accurately relate facts, only a voice can add the intonation, depth, soul and heart that reveal the underlying emotional toll or jubilation of the experience.

We offer insights and anecdotes that aren’t found in textbooks and formal interviews. These are living words. These words bring history to life now and for future generations. Our website makes it easy to step back in time, listen and learn. Please help us preserve Oklahoma’s voices before it is too late.